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About Us

Kimberly Ms. MTV developed the concept of Onlinradio1.com after working for MTV Networks. Her assignment as a journalist for MTV was to write about independent rap/hip-hop talent in the Houston area.

Major record labels http://onlineradio1.com/History.html## and A/R reps search for new talents to sign. Signing with a major label offers opportunities for independent artists to launch careers http://onlineradio1.com/History.html## from an underground presence to a national and international presence. Record labels spend lots of time “searching”. As a journalist, Kimberly Ms. MTV’s searches for hot new talent and determines if the independent talent is hot or hype.

Kimberly Ms. MTV interviews independent artists with a strong underground fan base. Kimberly Ms. MTV tours with many independents and reports her findings to major entertainment corporations.

Kimberly Ms. MTV is developing a TV pilot called South Coast Live based on the concept of spotlighting independent artists, especially southern artists. Major networks loved South Coast Live and requested more episodes. Kimberly Ms. MTV decided to launch via an online radio station in January 2010. Her ratings were extraordinary! Her success led to the development of Onlineradio1.com. The station is an international platform spotlighting independent businesses and talent.

Thanks to the internet, Onlineradio1.com is already establishing a global presence anytime and anywhere.

“I believe this is revolutionary times for radio and television. My daughter listens to music and views television online. She connects to the device in the car, home, school, work, gym…basically everywhere! Everything is moving online, especially music. Once upon a time AM was revolutionary then FM, then TV. Online radio is the new revolution in media and Onlineradio1.com is spear heading the movement. We are here to stay and will be in the history books of broadcast communication.” –Kimberly Ms. MTV