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Make You Famous!

Many people say, “Ms. MTV, I want to be famous!” If you want to pick Ms. MTV’s brain and learn how to get started in the entertainment business she will not consult with you she will post FREE information. You information may be posted on the Make Me Famous page…wait before you quit your day job, drop out of college or cash in your retirement. Understand the entertainment business requires taking a chance; be willing to risk losing everything (relationships, family, finances…). Fame can happen almost overnight but fortune may never come. If you seek fortune go to college, major in Math/Science/Engineering or Medicine and graduate (it’s a guaranteed plan to financial security).

Ms. MTV mostly consults with individuals who have obtained fame and fortune but struggle with turning it into a business (mostly pro athletes, artists & actors). She also consults with many PR & AR reps.

Ms. MTV began after meeting her daughter’s father in college. He played college football and rode a bicycle to football practice where he exerted for hours in over 100 degree temperatures. He later became the 1st round draft pick in the 1997 NFL draft and signed over a $20 million dollar deal. Ms. MTV stopped receiving food stamps, began collectively receiving over a half million dollars in child support and began an entertainment journalism career at MTV Networks.

Anyone knowing Ms. MTV will inform you her journey was long. She sacrificed intimate relationships to complete her goals of being a freelance journalist. Ms. MTV also earned her bachelor of science in Psychology from the University of Houston and a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Her ultimate passion is to launch an in-home mental wellness program focusing on treating addictions. Many athletes, entertainers and white collar professionals struggle with addictions but refuse treatment in facilities.

Kimberly Ms. MTV has interviewed& toured with many independent and major artists. She published articles read by major entertainment corporations. Some of the artists she has written about before and after their major deals include: Destiny’s Child, Ice Cube, Trey Songz, Mystikal, Evander Holyfield, Ludacris, Master P, Cash Money Records, Pimp C (R.I.P), Bun B, UGK , Z-Ro, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Michael 5000 Watts,  DJ Chose, Chalie Boy, South Park Mexican, Yungstar, Lil Troy, Big Pokey, HAWK (R.I.P), DJ SCREW (R.I.P).

Facebook, Google And Yahoo Are Fighting The NSA Harder Than Ever

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